Thank you for supporting the PAPR Respirator project. We are a group of engineering volunteers, helpers, and subcontractors whose common goal is to get as many PAPR Respirators in the hands of as many front line professionals fighting the COVID-19 battle as possible.

The Open-Mask project was launched as an emergency response to stem the disastrous toll taken on the front line workers during this crisis. We are tirelessly working around the clock to get as many safety products in the hands of those at risk ASAP.

Donations to the Open-Mask project are hugely appreciated, and go towards the purchase of materials, supplies and keeping the lights burning. Most team members have themselves donated hundreds of their own dollars to the project, along with the untold hours to launch functional respirators in record time. Your generous donations will help accelerate and motivate our progress. All Open-Mask development and design materials are freely published for the global community to use and build from. We will be building and selling small quantities of our PAPR units to meet local needs, to help offset mounting development and production costs. Donations are not tax-deductible at this time.

We appreciate both financial donations and volunteering. If you would like to volunteer your skills, please contact us.

Thank you!